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Workshop Opportunity: Seascape Painting with Paul Deacon

When: Saturday, 27th May 2023, 9:30am – 4pm (1 day workshop)
Where: Nicole Russell Art Studio, 300 Pomona Road, Ruby Bay
Fee: $120 (materials are not included)
Contact: Nicole Russell, 022 378 6099, [email protected]
Please bring: Art materials (see below) and lunch. Tea & coffee will be provided.

You will be working on a basic seascape with great options to make the scene stormy and wild or serene and warm. Paul will also bring along some alternative printed ideas to work from if interested. If you already have a painting you wish to bring along and continue painting with then that is fine. Either way the workshop will be an opportunity to socialise and share tips, information & experiences.

Paul Deacon is an established marine artist and ex seafarer. He has an astute understanding of the sea, of ships, atmosphere, light, movement and space. For more information on Paul please visit his website


“I work with oil paints and shall lay in a couple of simple paintings during the day showing you some easy tips and techniques. I’ve a broad range of oil paints to work with in my paint box (some which seldom ever get used) however I suggest the following basic colours make up a reasonable palate to work from:

  • Titanium or flake white
  • French Ultramarine or Cobalt blue
  • Crimson Alizarin & or cadmium red
  • Yellow Ochre
  • Cadmium yellow
  • Burnt Umber
  • Green of your choice (Sap or viridian for example)

You do not have to work in oils. Other media are welcome, too.


Bring whatever art brushes you have to work with…old ones, new ones, favourite ones and palette knives.

Medium (odourless only!):

Generally I use standard turpentine to paint & clean my brushes with, however I’ll use odourless turpentine on the day. If you utilize ‘liquin’ or certain oil mediums to help move the paint then bring it along. Don’t forget to bring paint rags of some sort


Obviously you will need to have or bring along an easel of some sort…either table top, standing or folding are fine. If you do not have a standing easel please let me know and a table will be set up for you.

Canvas, board, etc:

Bring a couple of cheap primed canvases or art boards of any moderate size, prepared MDF or hardboard boards are also ideal surfaces to paint on…bring them along if that’s what you have. I will be working on a horizontal plane (landscape) for the main artwork of the day.

I use a 2B pencil to roughly outline what I intend to paint.” 

Paul Deacon

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