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Old St. Paul's at Founders Park

Medium: Oil on Board
Size: 15cm x 20cm (6″ x 8″)
Framed Size: 29cm x 33cm x 3.5cm

Price: NZ$185
(including frame and shipping)

This painting is available. For inquiries please contact the artist.

About the Artwork

Although Founders Park is a Museum, many of the houses are in use. Here you can find a cafe, sail maker, radio station, art classes and a preschool. So, when I started painting in the morning a little boy came up to me and asked: “What are you doing?” I explained that I was painting. He looked very critical and then walked off. A couple of hours later he came back and looked at my painting again and said, “Much better! I was getting a bit worried before.” Gees, he was maybe five years old. Is this normal?

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