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Autumn in the City

Medium: Watercolour
Size: 46cm x 61cm


About the Artwork

“During our travels we visited a lot of cities around the world. When I asked myself which cities I preferred, I remembered the ones with the beautiful parks and lovely trees along the streets the best. Of course, architecture is also important, but without nature even the most stunning architecture seems to miss something. Trees do not only give us oxygen, they also give us cool shade from the hot sun, an impression of time and randomness which is soothing for our eyes. We do not only see the trees through our vision but feel them with our senses. When you think of a tree, can you smell the fresh air around it? Feel the rough bark on your hand? Understand the mass of the trunk and the branches? Hear the leaves rustling in the wind? Autumn in the City shows how important nature is and how it can make a city visible.”

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