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The 100-Foot Journey

Why “The 100-Foot Journey”?

I have been a watercolour artist for many years, with intensive training in watercolours and drawing, and working mainly in the studio. About one year ago I decided to add oil as a medium, since it is perfect for painting plein air painting (meaning outside vs. the studio). Ross Whitlock inspired me to do a painting a day, well “inspired” is not the right word: “This is your homework and I want to see 60 paintings by Christmas!”. At that time it was the beginning of November. Three colours were allowed (yellow, red, blue, plus white) and to begin with only the palette knife. So, off I went, trying to paint everything that came in front of my canvas. Step by step I became more confident with colour mixing, selection of subjects, looseness, composition, etc.

“The 100-Foot Journey” shows my journey in daily paintings and how my skills developed. Daily painting became my passion, whether I paint watercolours or oils doesn’t matter, as long as I can paint something. With my busy family life I find it difficult to concentrate on big painting projects and have a better sense of accomplishment with the small, but gorgeous paintings. And guess what, by now I have accomplished way more than 60 paintings, although I must admit sometimes life gets in the way and I cannot paint every day, but almost.


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