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Art + Music = An Awesome Experience!

The Nelson Centre for Musical Arts (NCMA) and Wall To Wall Art Gallery have been collaborating in an exciting new project called Art + Music. Artists were invited to paint or draw during one or two lunchtime concerts, experiencing some of Nelson’s finest classical musicians during Schubert’s “2 Cellos” String Quintet in C major, andAmerican Songs and Arias. The two concerts for Art + Music = have now come and gone. What an experience not only for the artists, but…

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Nicole Russell/ Featured Artist Exhibition

13 February – 13 March 2019 [email protected] Gallery, Nelson It’s all About Colour or the Chicken or the Pear "Recently I started reviewing why I like some paintings and not others. The same question I asked myself about my painting subject. Why and how do I choose what to paint? I always thought it was contrast, light and dark, but it turned out to be incorrect. What I truly like is colour and shape. Every artist is evolving during their…

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The 100-Foot Journey

Why “The 100-Foot Journey”? I have been a watercolour artist for many years, with intensive training in watercolours and drawing, and working mainly in the studio. About one year ago I decided to add oil as a medium, since it is perfect for painting plein air painting (meaning outside vs. the studio). Ross Whitlock inspired me to do a painting a day, well “inspired” is not the right word: “This is your homework and I want to see 60 paintings…

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