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Photos of Plein Air at Isel Park

The weather is getting cooler now and it takes a bit more convincing to get out Plein Air painting. I almost didn’t go because guess what, there is always something else to do which seems more important. But then I reminded myself how happy I am every time I do go Plein Air painting. I enjoy the fresh air (as long as it doesn’t freeze my fingers off) and I feel productive with getting another painting done.

This time I decided to paint the little pigeon house. The autumn colours around it were so attractive and I enjoyed the lights and darks. If you look at the photo you might wonder what the apple has to do with my subject. Some people walking past had the same question. The answer is: nothing. I simply recycled an old work that was never finished. Sanding old paintings back is not necessary and I’m no expert in health issues when it comes to painting. But I know that some pigments are harmful and sanding causes pigment dust, which I don’t want to breathe in. So I’m accepting texture that comes through from the old painting and sometimes the colours appear useful too. In this case I took advantage of the original blue and red which still can be seen peeking through in the final work.

The painting isn’t finished yet. The light on the house has to be done a bit better. But for now I will let it dry and adjust it in about a week.

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