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Plein Air Painting, 3rd June 2020, Rabbit Island

Meet us for plein air painting on 3rd June 2020, 10 am at Rabbit Island, Harakiki Picnic Area. Rabbit Island offers a beautiful sandy beach, ocean colours and views to the Able Tasman National Park as well as to the Richmond Hills and sometimes you can even see the Marlborough Sounds. Directions: From SH 60 follow the signs to Rabbit Island. Continue along Ken Beck Drive into Rabbit Island. At T section turn left into Cooper Road. Take the 2nd Forestry Rd... on…

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Photos of Plein Air at Silvan

Here are some photos of our plein air painting get-together at Silvan. It was another gorgeous autumn day in a stunning setting. The area was incredibly peaceful and we were surrounded by lovely birdsongs. Who could wish for more.

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Plein Air Painting, 27th May 2020, Silvan, 205 Champion Road, Richmond

Meet us for plein air painting on 27th May 2020 at Silvan, 205 Champion Road, Richmond. Silvan is a private property with a lake amongst forest trees. We might still catch some autumn leaves, especially the ginkgo trees are beautiful at the moment. Otherwise the lake is always a lovely subject to paint, no matter what season it is.  Directions: Please park your car in the parking area by the shed. Be mindful not to drive anywhere on the lawn (we…

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Photos of Plein Air Painting at Isel Park

How great was it to get out of the house and meet people again for plein air painting. The weather was gorgeous and everybody had a smile on their face. After lockdown it is good to be back out painting! If you are interested in getting regular updates about painting locations in the Nelson/Tasman area, please contact Nicole.

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Day At Isel Park For Plein Air Painting

Plein Air Painting, 20th May 2020, Isel Park, Stoke

Not all meetings can go ahead during Covid 19 Level 2 but after discussing it with several plein air painters we decided that plein air painting can be scheduled. We are not considered a public gathering since we are all spread out, painting in individual spaces outside in the park. Obviously, Covid 19 rules have to be observed, which means two meters distance from each other and staying at home if you feel unwell. Also, it is recommended to cough…

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Plein Air Painting, 25th March 2020, Wharf Road, Riwaka

Meet us for plein air painting on 25th March 2020, 10am, at Wharf Road in Riwaka. It will be high tide and we will be able to paint water and boats with hills in the background.  Directions: To get to the above area you go through Motueka and over the Motueka Bridge. After the bridge you take the first right which is Lodder Lane. Kidder Lane leads directly onto Wharf Road. The inlet to which you refer is narrow and…

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Photos of Plein Air Painting at Monaco Peninsula, Nelson

I never thought that low tide can offer such interesting painting subjects. Monaco, Nelson, at low tide turned out to be gorgeous. It seemed that there were more boats around than usual, and we had a surprise school trip say 'hello' as well. The children very much enjoyed talking to us and were just charming. Who knows, they might be inspired to do some art outside one day, too. "Remember, it's a big world out there. Go and paint it!",…

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Plein Air Painting, 4th March 2020, Monaco Peninsula

Meet us for plein air painting on 4th March 2020, 10am, at the boat ramp of Monaco’s Peninsula. This time is will be low tide and we will be able to paint the jetty/boat ramp but also boats that are sitting on the hard. Please note, we are meeting at the jetty, not the castle! So if you can’t see us by the castle, just keep going that extra bit further. Please bring your painting supplies, a chair, bug spray, sun…

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Plein Air Painting, 26th February 2020, Founders Park, Nelson

Meet us for plein air painting on 26th February 2020, 10am, at Founders Park, Nelson. The park offers historic buildings and vehicles, people, and hills in the background. A coffee shop is usually open, too. Please bring your painting supplies, a chair, bug spray, sun screen, morning tea/lunch, good weather … and maybe jumper leads and a first aid kit in case your easel attacks you. Just kidding, but all of these items have come to good use previously… If you have…

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