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Plein Air Painting, 3rd April 2024, Gravity Winery, Mahana

Plein Air Painting, 3rd April 2024, Gravity Winery, Mahana

Meet us for plein air painting on Wednesday 3rd April 2024, 10am, at Gravity Winery, 243 Old Coach Road. Gravity Winery offers views over the vineyard and the Nelson Bay towards the Richmond hills. The colours have just started to change and we will be able to see yellows and reds amongst the green of the vineyard. The winery/restaurant knows that we coming and is happy for us to paint on the lawns and the vineyards. If you want to paint closer to the wine cellar it is recommended to ask if your specific location is ok and doesn’t get in the way of the workers. Tea, coffee and lunch can be purchased at the restaurant. 

Please bring your painting supplies, a chair, bug spray, sun screen, and good weather.

Let me know if you have any suggestions on where to go for plein air painting. Gravity Vinery was one of the suggestions. Hidden Sculpture Gardens, 88 Valley Road (Trevor Marshall, autumn), Nelson Port at the end of Akersten Street and Hoddy Reserve are on the list.

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