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Photos of Plein Air Painting at Riwaka Inlet

It was a beautiful day when we went to the Riwaka Inlet for Plein Air Painting. The weather was slightly overcast with no wind. This meant no sunny glare on your canvas or palette but still comfortably warm. The sun came out around lunchtime, but by then we were mostly finished with our paintings.

This time I went larger than usual (11″x14″) and wasn’t so sure if I would manage a painting within my two hour time limit. Not only changes the light too much after two hours but also I knew that my tummy would start to rumble (lunchtime). In addition I was painting with the palette knife and I found it takes longer than painting with the brush. Because I was unsure, I did a quick block-in of the overall painting with the brush and then started to concentrate on the most important part of the painting, which was the water and it’s reflections. The next important part were the boat sheds and poles on the left. Once these areas were done I had about 20 minutes left and realised that there wasn’t enough time for any detail in the background. So I focused on a few trees only, the mountain and the sky. DONE!

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