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Art + Music = An Awesome Experience!

The Nelson Centre for Musical Arts (NCMA) and Wall To Wall Art Gallery have been collaborating in an exciting new project called Art + Music. Artists were invited to paint or draw during one or two lunchtime concerts, experiencing some of Nelson’s finest classical musicians during Schubert’s “2 Cellos” String Quintet in C major, andAmerican Songs and Arias.

The two concerts for Art + Music = have now come and gone. What an experience not only for the artists, but also for the musicians and the audience. For the artists it was a unique opportunity to paint/draw on stage during a string concert and a soprano performance. Both events were very different. The Schubert String Quintet offered string instruments and the movement of the musicians. The American Songs and Arias were performed by sopranos and we could concentrate on the piano and individual singers. The experience will never be forgotten. Sitting on stage with the musicians is another dimension compared to the music that comes out of a little radio in the studio. On stage you can feel the music, you can bath in it, and no matter what type of artwork you create, it will be influenced by it. Some artists reallyenjoyed the movement in the musicians.

It gives you a great amount of freedom knowing that you are invited to paint in public, a freedom that many artists were not used to at the beginning, but even the timid artist embraced this freedom very fast. After the main concert the audience and musicians came on stage to have a look at the artwork. Most of them were surprised by how many pieces each artist accomplished in the short time, but also by the variety of artwork. Not only did every artists have a different style and approach, but they all worked from a different angles, some were painting in a representational manner, and others more abstract.

At present the participating artists have time to finish their work in their studios and bring it into the gallery for the final exhibition. The gallery is looking forward to a wide variety of artwork, maybe even 3D.

The exhibition of Art + Music will be from 2nd – 31stAugust 2019at Wall To Wall Art Gallery, 112 Bridge Street, Nelson.

Please celebrate with us during the Opening Event onTuesday 6thAugust 2019, 5:30PM(all welcome).

Because of the success of the event, Nelson Center of Musical Arts is planning to host Art+Music again in 2020. Something to look forward to.

Nicole Russell

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