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New Artwork is Coming – The Rugby Playing Kiwi

Finally it is ready, “The Rugby Playing Kiwi”! The painting is 61x46cm large, watercolour on Arches watercolour paper. Currently it is at Copyart for scanning and it is scheduled to hang at Wall To Wall Art Gallery, Nelson mid February.

It took a lot of research on Kiwi birds and rugby games until the final layout of the painting was determined.    I watched YouTube videos and researched conservation websites to understand the anatomy of the kiwi and its posture. The drawings were a lot of fun. When I tried to make the kiwis jump or bounce off the ground they were actually moving on the paper. It was awesome! Once the drawings were established the decision on how to paint it was the second step. The painting on the left was my exercise painting where I chose my favourite colours, technique (mostly wet-on-wet), with or without masking fluid (no masking fluid), and shirts or no shirts? I decided to go with the Mitre10 Cup shirts. Now I can’t wait to get the painting back, pop it into a frame and bring it to the gallery.

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