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Plein Air Painting, 12th May 2021, Seifried Estate Winery. 

Meet us for plein air painting on 12th May 2021, 10am at Seifried Estate Winery, 184 Redwood Road, Appleby. Seifried offers a view of the beautifully autumn coloured vineyard. We will be painting at the Harvest restaurant/car park area and keep out of the working area. Seifried knows that we are coming and would like everybody to sign in at the office for health and safety reasons. This is the first time that we are scheduled to paint there and I’m very curious. Please bring your painting supplies, a chair, bug spray, sun screen, morning tea/lunch and good weather.

Plein Air Painting will go ahead until the first week in June and recommence in October.

If you have any suggestions on where to go for plein air, please let me know I will include it in the list.

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