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Study for Autumn in the City

The Study for Autumn in the City is the first painting in my studies collection. Click here for more information about the artwork. While I continue doing studies before each artwork, I’m not intending to publish or sell more than the current collection at this stage.

The Studies Collection

Each time I plan a new artwork that shows a story, movement, energy or an unusual scene I start with a lot of drawings followed by one or several painted studies. The drawings allow me to familiarise myself with the subject and plan the composition on paper. The studies help me understand how I want to paint the work, e.g. which colours do I want to use and what technique could be the best. I take notes of what I think works or what is not successful and follow these instructions in my final work.

The studies were never intended for the public, but every time a visitor came into my studio and saw them the response was surprisingly delightful. I guess what you see in a study is not only a picture but also the process of creation, which in itself is a story and makes the work so interesting and valuable.

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