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Painting Classes with Nicole Russell – Colour Mixing

Colour Mixing – Colour Theory – Colour Harmony

Have you ever wondered how to mix a colour? What colour is the shadow? What colour is green?

What is hue? Tint? Tone? Shade? Value?
Why do artist worry about colour temperature and how do I use it in my work?

In this two-day workshop you will get a fundamental understanding of the capabilities of your palette. You will have a play with complementary colours, split-complementary colours, analogous colour and triads. You will analyse some of the great masters’ paintings and learn to see their colour strategy. And finally you will plan a harmonious painting based on the theories discussed. The workshop includes exercises and various studies to guide you to your final work.

Some basic knowledge of your painting materials and technique is recommended. Watercolours, oils (odourless!) and acrylics are welcome.

Where: Nicole Russell Art Studio, 300 Pomona Road, Ruby Bay
When: 2 Saturdays, 10th/17th June 2023, 9-3:30pm
Fee: $135

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