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Plein Air Painting, 7th June 2023, Silverbirch Farm, Ruby Bay

Meet us for plein air painting on 7th June 202, 10am, Silverbirch Farm, 300 Pomona Road, Ruby Bay. Silverbirch Farm offers views over the Nelson Bay towards the Richmond hills or the other side towards Mt. Arthur. There are plenty of chickens, goats, ducks and cows to paint as well. 

This will be the last official plein air painting for the season. Let us celebrate with a shared lunch. 

Please bring your painting supplies and lunch to share. Tea and coffee will be provided. 

Directions: Pomona Road starts at Stafford Drive coming from Mapua, or Marriages Rd coming from Motueka. Turn into the driveway opposite the mailboxes 296 – 306 Pomona Road (Ruby Bay Heights). Then enter the first driveway on your right which has big rocks on either side, is a gravel road (300 Pomona Road) and leads to a big shed. Drive past the ducks, goats, horses and shed until you arrive at the house. If you get lost on the way enjoy the drive, it’s a beautiful area…

Plein air painting will start again with the cherry blossoms late September / beginning October.

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