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Plein Air Painting – Change in Location!

Unfortunately, the weather forecast for St. Arnaud for tomorrow is not great and therefore the plans have changed. St. Arnaud shows at 10am sunny but 4 degrees Celsius, then the clouds come in at 11am and the maximum temperature for the day is 7 degrees Celsius. The forecast for next week is much better with 16 degrees Celsius and partly sunny. Let’s plan to go to St. Arnaud next week and hope that the forecast holds up.

Instead of going to St. Arnaud we will meet for plein air painting at Wharf Road in Riwaka, (tomorrow, Wednesday 29th March 2022, 10am). It will be low tide at 10:16am but I’m sure there are still plenty of subjects to paint, e.g. “some” water, boats, boathouses with the Richmond hills in the background. After the painting session we can meet at Ginger Dynamite for a coffee. I can’t confirm that it’s open so we will just have to wait and see. 

Directions: To get to the above area you go through Motueka and over the Motueka Bridge. After the bridge you take the first right which is Lodder Lane. Kidder Lane leads directly onto Wharf Road. The inlet to which you refer is narrow and has a road on each side so access is good. Wharf Road however is probably a good focal point to meet. It is about 500m long with a car park at the end.

Please bring your painting supplies, a chair, bug spray, sun screen, morning tea/lunch, and good weather.

If you have any suggestions on where to go for plein air, please let me know and I will include it in the list. We will aim for St. Arnaud again next week.

Plein air is scheduled for every Wednesday morning, except the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Please contact me if you like regular updates by email.

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