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Photos of Plein Air Painting at Isel Park

How great was it to get out of the house and meet people again for plein air painting. The weather was gorgeous and everybody had a smile on their face. After lockdown it is good to be back out painting! If you are interested in getting regular updates about painting locations in the Nelson/Tasman area, please contact Nicole.

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Day At Isel Park For Plein Air Painting

Plein Air Painting, 20th May 2020, Isel Park, Stoke

Not all meetings can go ahead during Covid 19 Level 2 but after discussing it with several plein air painters we decided that plein air painting can be scheduled. We are not considered a public gathering since we are all spread out, painting in individual spaces outside in the park. Obviously, Covid 19 rules have to be observed, which means two meters distance from each other and staying at home if you feel unwell. Also, it is recommended to cough…

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Impressions – Level 2

Great news and awesome specials from Impressions, Richmond: "Yes, Impressions reopens this morning at 9.30am to 5pm Monday - Friday and 10am - 1.00pm Saturdays - our new trading hours. It will be nice to welcome folk into the shop once more instead of at a barrier at the front door or by just email and phone. Due to Level 2 restrictions we will have safety measures in place including limiting numbers of customers in-store to 5 at a time, recording who comes in…

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Autumn in the City – Test Paintings and Transfer

This blog is about: Creating test paintings until they come out of your ears, and  a good approach to working with tracing and transfer paper. Test Paintings Have you ever had an idea in mind but no clue how to approach it? This can happen if you are trying to paint something that doesn’t exist or it exists but looks very different from the way you want to show it. I found this dilemma with “Autumn in The City”.  The…

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Painting Beautiful Autumn Colours

Do you know the feeling when you go for a walk and you see all these beautiful autumn colours and you want to paint them immediately? While you are walking you are thinking of what colours you have in your palette that might do the trick. A gorgeous autumn scene is already developing in your head and you can't wait to put it down onto paper as soon as you get home. For several years I wanted to paint these…

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Impressions Art Supplies – Essential Service

Good news from Impressions Art Supplies Richmond: "Impressions Picture Framers and Art Supplies is delighted to now be rated as an essential service so is able to supply art materials prepaid by credit card or direct bank transfer and dispatched by courier. From Tuesday 28th April, contactless pickup can also be arranged. Please phone ahead so we can be prepared as filling orders is more time-consuming and we want you to be able to get away home safely as soon as…

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Hot Chips Are Mine!

Today, I finally finished Hot Chips Are Mine! Since the lockdown has started I could take advantage of the unexpected time available in my studio to paint. Still, I miss teaching and therefore thought I might share how I created this painting. I know it’s a watercolour painting but most of the principles apply to oil and acrylic painting as well:

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My Happy Place

Due to the lockdown in New Zealand I can't show you any photos of plein air painting or other events/locations, however, I can show you a photo of my favourite place: my studio. Happy Easter!

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Watercolour Journaling at Broadgreen and Isel House

Here are some photos of our Watercolour Journaling Class at Broadgreen Historic House and Isel House in Stoke, Nelson. We focused on perspective and figures. I loved seeing everybody's work, it's gorgeous! Watercolour Journaling is a way of painting little keepsakes for yourself. It is about enjoying the moment painting, enjoying the location and creating memories.

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