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Plein Air Painting – Change in Location!

Unfortunately, the weather forecast for St. Arnaud for tomorrow is not great and therefore the plans have changed. St. Arnaud shows at 10am sunny but 4 degrees Celsius, then the clouds come in at 11am and the maximum temperature for the day is 7 degrees Celsius. The forecast for next week is much better with 16 degrees Celsius and partly sunny. Let’s plan to go to St. Arnaud next week and hope that the forecast holds up. Instead of going…

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Plein Air Painting, 5th April 2023, Lake Rotoiti, St. Arnaud (RSVP) 

Let’s try it again. On Wednesday, 5th April 2023 we are going to Lake Rotoiti, St. Arnaud for plein air painting. If our drivers are still available we have Paul, Nicole, Jo and Lois (tbc) driving with places available to take someone who would like to share a ride. Paul is leaving from Richmond,  Jo is leaving from Atawhai, Lois is coming from Monaco and Nicole is leaving from Ruby Bay. All of us will meet at 9:30am at the…

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